Der Hund

Music theatre De Helling and the DoelenEnsemble present:

Der Hund

music & libretto Rob Zuidam
text: Otto Weininger

stage director: Aat Ceelen
soprano: Charlotte Riedijk
mezzo-soprano: Gerrie de Vries
tenor: Sebastian Brouwer

Der Hund…
eminent plebejisch!
Der Hund…
…was er verloren hat, ist das Ich, der Eigenwert, die Freiheit.



photo: Ben van Duin


Student of philosophy Otto Weininger took his own live in 4 October 1903 during a fierce thunderstorm of life. A few months earlier, he had gained immediate success as the writer of Geschlecht und Charakter, an encyclopaedic study of the perverted, wicked character of the female being. He was celebrated as a genius. His suicide was the logical terminus and the utter consequence of his line of thinking, combined with a shocking lack of irony.

Der Hund is a music theatre work that imagines Weinigers last hour where we share the oppresive universe of his thought, caged by phobias, fear and an all consuming aversion to his fellow human beings. An aversion, also largely directed at himself, even though Weiniger was, pedantically, aware of his brilliance.

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